1. Avoid plastic. 

It’s pretty simple. More plastics than you probably think have the potential to leach chemicals, and even more aren’t accepted by most recycling systems. Our current plastic consumption and production habits, coupled with our throwaway culture, is leading to plastic islands and degradation of our ocean’s ecosystems.

2. Know what you can recycle (it’s not the same everywhere you go).

It’s definitely a pain that what can and cannot be recycled depends on where you are, but don’t worry, you can’t find out in less time than most of us spend on social media in a given instance. set up a snazzy site where you can search for your local recycling info based on your zip code.

3. Know what the numbers mean.

Knowing the numbers tells you whether something is likely to be accepted by recycling systems, what it’s likely to become, and perhaps most importantly, if it’s potentially harmful. Take the time to know why you should remember “245”.


Have you found other solutions? Drop me a line so I can add them to the list!

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