Fact: When food goes into landfills it produces methane (a greenhouse gas that’s 20x worse than CO2). Composting your food scraps prevents that!

Here are 5 good reasons why you should compost

And here’s how I got started:

1/ Because I live in an sub-600 square foot apartment, it would be tricky for me to handle the full composting process, so I researched different composting services around me. There are different services where you can pay to have someone come pick it up and handle it, but fortunately I found out that in D.C. you can actually drop your compostable materials off at the local farmer’s market. So, start with a quick Google search and see whether you can find any drop-off locations nearby.

2/ Once I figured out the logistics, I ordered a small composting bin and compost bags. They come with carbon filters to mitigate any smells. Small aside: it turns out, now there’s far less in my regular trash can (I’m still working on transitioning some things out, but it should go away eventually!), and I can take it out much less frequently because there are a lot less smells, which also means less trash bags (although you can switch those out for a compostable alternative)!

3/ Last, and perhaps most important, I researched what I can actually compost. It may depend on where you’re composting (here’s a good resource for any DC-ers), so make sure to check what your service provider/drop-off location accepts. A good rule of thumb is that all fruits and veggies are good; avoid meat, dairy and oils.


Have you found other solutions? Drop me a line so I can add them to the list!

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