For years I’ve been discouraged by how much stuff I see around me, how much waste we produce in our day-to-day lives, and even more discouraged by my own passive attitude towards it.

Like many others, I’ve complained about the state of our planet and other peoples’ negligence, but often failed to question my own habits and assumptions. Namely, that there are no alternatives, and that one person making small changes is just a blip in the grand scheme.

It’s true that alternatives often come at a cost – convenience, time, perception, to name a few. But, I’ve begun to learn that there are more than a few easy ways to minimize my direct and indirect impact on our earth.

The goal isn’t perfection. Rather, I believe we should aim to be more purposeful in our choices, challenge our own assumptions, and be open to new behaviors in order to create a more sustainable world.

So, I’ve set out to do what feels like the hardest part: getting smart. I’m unpacking assumptions, wading through the different information, products, and services out there, and synthesizing what those easy- and harder-to-adopt alternatives are so that one blip might turn into two. Eventually, lots of little blips might lead to a much greater transformation of the way we approach everyday living.