Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is


Consumer demand is an amazing thing. Good companies listen to their customers and innovative to meet them where they are; those who don’t are just a sinking ship. So, the more we buy sustainable, plastic-free, chemical-free products and reward those companies aligned with those values, the more pressure the rest of the market will feel to follow suit. Companies can ignore climate change agreements, but they can’t ignore their customers.

Simply put: if no one buys a plastic bottle, the plastic bottle manufacturer won’t have any good reason to keep making it. Whether you know it or not, you have this powerful thing at your finger tips called buying power – you can use it to vote with your wallet. You don’t need to buy stock in companies working hard to do the right thing in order to invest in them (although I’ll write about impacting investing soon); first and foremost, companies need loyal customers to grow.

The point: next time you need to buy something, pause and consider whether there’s a greener alternative, be it less packaging, more natural materials, or less of those complex chemical names in the ingredient list. Consider it an investment in a greener, cleaner future.

photocred: @neonbrand

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